Dj Diego Menezes releases ‘The Sound Let’s Go Down ’

Dj Diego Menezes making quite the impact right with the first release on Empire Studio Records.
Dj Diego Menezes has conjured up quite the marvel.
‘The Sound Let’s Go Down ’ is catchy,
rhythmically irresistible and destined to dominate the global air waves with its laid-back vibes.

Artist : Dj Diego Menezes
Track : The Sound Let’s Go Down
Catalog number: EMPSR015
Genre: House
Label: Empire Studio Records
Release date: Sep.01.2017 (All Digital Stores)
Exclusive Release date on Beatport : Aug.18.2017
#Empire #Empirestudio #Empirestudiorecords #WeEmpire #weempireteam #sound #thesoundletsgodownDJ DIEGO MENEZES - the sound let's go down


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